web design for entrepreneurs ready to magnetize their dream clients and convert them into raving, paying superfans.

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hello, I'm katie!

I'm the heart and soul behind
SO GOOD Designs, where my obsession with aesthetic brilliance and the power of design transforms your online presence into something downright captivating.

With an eye for the exquisite and a penchant for details that delight, my mission is to infuse every project with 'hell yea' joy, creating spaces online that not only stand out but speak directly to the hearts of your dream clients.


Do you have your heart set on a hot ShowIt template and you're ready to see it converted to represent your services or products super powers?

I'm ready to swirl your magical branding, message and mission into that baby and we'll get your new custom site launched!


You know that your business is not like the others, and you're ready to invest in a website that reflects that! We're going to join forces to create your unique website that showcases exactly why you are the pro your dream client has been searching for!


If you're more of a DIY boss, grab one of my custom Showit website templates and load up your own site with your own content! The shop will update as SO GOOD Designs grows.

google biz setup

Getting your business set up on with a Google Business account and your website collecting data through Google Analytics is an important step that many business owners skip on due to overwhelm. I can gladly take this off your plate with my setup service!



with SO GOOD Designs

I'm ready if you are!
Complete this design application and we will get this show on the road. 


"Wow, I fucking love it!!! Seriously so happy with how it's come together! You totally brought the image in my head to life!

-Missy H.

"I'm so very excited! You have been amazing to work with!"

- Crystal H.

"When Katie was showing me the SO GOOD Designs site she was making for her launch, I was shocked. This is such an aligned service she is starting, I'm so excited for the clients she helps!"