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SO good designs

Welcome to So Good Designs! My name is Katie and it's a fact that I am fascinated by all things visually pleasing.

There were many roads that led me to launching SO GOOD Designs, but I think the biggest 'Oh, follow that path' realization was when a friend asked me if I wanted to go see Dune 2 with her, and I said no because the colors of their social media feed, paired with the font of the title made me want to cry.

Dramatic response, yes.
Honest feelings, also yes.

We have an unhealthy obsession with designing pretty things, and watching clients lose their entire minds in delight over them.

No, like we actually dream about it.

Over my own decade of entrepreneurship, I have enjoyed learning the necessary skills to be able to best serve my ideal clients... but nothing has ever topped the process of sitting down to create the perfect website, landing pages, lead magnets and other digit assets.

I had an 'aha' moment in 2023 that changed the trajectory of my business.

I had a new program I was looking forward to launching and had been dreaming about the branding for weeks.I got right to work creating the beautiful & inviting landing pages, design + marketing materials as easily as it was to breathe in... but found myself dreading the rest of the launch.

It was in that moment that I had a shocking realization. I was always mourning the end of the design process for every launch.

I could even remember times that I would have to outsource the design work in busy seasons and it always felt like I was asking someone else to cook my all time favorite recipe for Christmas!

It was in this discovery that I knew my talent and passion in design wasn't a coincidence and it was something I knew I could help so many other business owners and entrepreneurs by serving them through web design!

I know that your business, is your baby.

You're someone who cares deeply about serving those who haven't found you yet with your services or products! Your website deserves to be a direct reflection of how incredibly talented and passionate you are in your field.

I know we just met and all, but I cannot freaking wait to swirl up your dream website that evokes the undeniable reaction of:

xo, katie

But enough about me...

If you're quiet enough, your desires will speak right to you...


"Wow, I fucking love it!!! Seriously so happy with how it's come together! You totally brought the image in my head to life!

-Missy H.

"I'm so very excited! You have been amazing to work with!"

- Crystal H.

"When Katie was showing me the SO GOOD Designs site she was making for her launch, I was shocked. This is such an aligned service she is starting, I'm so excited for the clients she helps!"